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The best 10 places to visit in Thailand

There are 1000 kinds of Thai customs in the eyes of 1000 tourists! Believers who have faith will form a Buddhist bond in the Buddhist capital where there are many temples; Jike, who loves freedom, throws away the shackles stuck on his body, and returns to himself in this tolerant country; the small freshness that emphasizes the plot, follow the mood map and travel. Walking in the retro streets of literature and art, teasing cats and dogs… Thailand is like a kaleidoscope of ever-changing, always passing by inadvertently and encountering surprises that touch my heart.


1. Bangkok

Bangkok, is a contradictory city. Introducing Bangkok, we are preconceived and prefer to call it the city of eroticism, the land of shemales. You can visit Bangkok at night and experience the nights in the corners. In this tolerant city, you can indulge in sensuality and sway. As the capital of Thailand, she also has a dignified state worthy of the country. The Grand Palace, located in the center of Bangkok, is full of Thai-style majesty and style. The exquisite temples scattered in the interior can always erase the impetuousness of the city and give it to Peace of mind.

2. Pattaya

Pattaya, known as “Oriental Hawaii”, is a veritable beach holiday paradise. The sunshine there seems to be fragrant, and after drying it, you fall asleep drunk; the sandy beach there is delicate and smooth, which makes tourists reluctant to leave, lying in the sand and competing with turtles and crabs to settle down; the seafood there, There is a dazzling array of things, you can rent a boat, buy and eat at the “Sifang Floating Market”, and the night culture there is a bit moving. You can toast with tourists from all over the world and chat about the world. Pattaya, as its name suggests, is lovely with a touch of elegance.

3. Chiang Mai

Compared with the fashionable and prosperous Bangkok, Chiang Mai, which is fresh and natural and surrounded by mountains, always gives people a sense of secluded paradise. This is probably closely related to the ancient Thai culture rooted deep in Chiang Mai. Therefore, when it comes to Chiang Mai, I prefer to call her the ancient city. While developing modern urbanization, she better maintains the unique rural original style of northern Thailand. When you come to Chiang Mai, you can go to the small village of the giraffes and listen to their simple stories. You can walk through the well-preserved tropical rain forest with a local guide. On Sundays, you can go to the weekend market and pick and choose some * Native handicrafts to take home.

4. Phuket

Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is also a sought-after island resort. She has the standard configuration of an island, blue water, soft sand, and warm sunshine. In Phuket, Niuniu wants to find a new way to play, go to the mysterious virgin forest on the edge of this beach, play an exciting jungle cableway flight, rent a handsome car to the flying Daloma, full of blood, facing the comfortable The sea breeze, driving a car around Phuket, telling vedio the speed and the action that we are still playing.

5. Hua Hin

Hua Hin, a seaside town located in the central part of Thailand, is favored by the Thai royal family due to the beautiful scenery of the blue sea and blue sky. The royal summer palace was built here, and the railway was connected, so that this former small fishing village has been transformed into a traditional and Thai traditional village. A modern seaside resort. In Hua Hin, you can go to the Thai Palace to experience the luxury of the Thai royal family, go to the well-known golf course, play gentleman sports, go to the wine estate to experience the French romance, and go to the Mianyang Ranch to be a shepherd. Oh, I heard that Hua Hin’s train station is the only one in Thailand, do you want to sit and watch?

6. Pai

Xiaoqingxin, big literary and artistic people, don’t be shy, I’m just calling you, if you haven’t decided where to look for poetry and distant places, then come to Pai County! This small town is surrounded by mountains and rivers, without the crowds of people on the island, without the swaying of nightlife, without the shackles of temples, you can sit in a daze in the coffee shop on the corner of the street, you can find a There is a Thai-style wooden bungalow full of flowers and a sea of flowers. Sleeping lazily for a day, you can go to the viewing platform of Yunlai in the misty morning, and wait for the rising sun between the clouds and the clouds. In the evening, take pictures of the green pastoral scenery.

7. Koh Samui

The dense coconut groves, intact limestone caves, and coral reef islands on Koh Samui, like an undisturbed uninhabited island, have always retained her original scenery and are reluctant to change the gift of nature. Many small animals are willing to settle here, the butterflies in the butterfly garden move smartly among the flowers, the crocodiles in the crocodile farm are not scary at all, and the little monkeys in the monkey garden often climb the coconut trees. , invite tourists to eat coconut. The sea breeze is blowing slowly, pick a good beach, buy a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and quietly wait for the upcoming *sunset!

8. Krabi

Krabi, a tropical island in southern Thailand, has crystal clear waters, warm and comfortable, and colorful tropical fish swimming among the coral. Compared with Phuket, Krabi* is more suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Find a sunny day, make an appointment with a diving instructor, and have an intimate date with the sea. Krabi Island, dotted with mountain caves, is especially suitable for extreme athletes who love island rock climbing to challenge. There are more than 400 rock climbing routes, with different levels of difficulty. If you love rock climbing, welcome to Krabi to challenge.

9. Phi Phi Island

As a national park selected by Thai people, its natural and beautiful island scenery is a paradise for many island owners. Compared with Phuket, a more popular island, consumption on Phi Phi Island is not too close to the people. Come to Phi Phi Island, choose a spacious sea-view room, wake up in the kiss of the morning light, and in a hot afternoon, Call a spa to relax and sleep to the rhythmic sound of the waves on a starry night. There is also a famous viewing platform on Phi Phi Island. Standing on the viewing platform, you can have an unobstructed view of the island.

10. Emperor Island

Emperor Island, the name is very domineering! People have an aura of aristocracy. It used to be an exclusive holiday island for the Thai royal family’s leisure and entertainment, not far from Phuket and Phi Phi Island. As a newly developed tourist attraction, the sea water of Emperor Island is clearer and the beach environment is quieter. It is a gathering place for many snorkeling enthusiasts. If your heart can bear it well enough and like to challenge the limit, you can also rent a yacht and play fast surfing in the beautiful sea.



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