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10 things you didn’t know About Thai culture

Every country has its own cultural customs. If you don’t understand it, you will inevitably make some jokes. Here are some things you should pay attention to before going to Thailand. Let’s take a look at what they have.

Thailand is an unforgettable country, with a wide variety of natural beauty and intricate human culture.

This diverse Thai culture can take a lifetime to understand. The second you think you seem to understand, you will find that there is so much to learn. After self-discovery and cultural study, you may also find that this is one of the reasons why Thailand is such a great country.

Try to be hygienic, don’t speak loudly, don’t swear. To say that the characteristic of Thai culture is politeness, and a soft voice is used when communicating.

The result is that some behaviors of foreigners are inappropriate for a long time, just because the hosts (Thai people) are “kind” and dare not tell you to correct (disgrace you) those behaviors. So knowing these (the etiquette in traditional Thai culture) will help you to understand Thailand and respect it, and also to make your behavior as appropriate as possible.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Conservative – To show respect for the culture, dress appropriately, especially in rural areas and near temples. Shorts/skirts, off-the-shoulder tops, crop tops, no underwear, revealing underwear or boxer briefs, underwear, swimsuits, etc. are not suitable. In addition to dressing civilly, it’s also important to keep your clothing clean and tidy, and then you’ll get more respect when you dress clean.

Try to use the right hand when handing things to others, because the left hand is considered dirty, especially in some trading activities.

Take off your shoes and hats before entering other people’s houses, temples and some shops.

Take off your hat and bow slightly in front of the Buddha statue.

Waving down when calling someone over and waving up is considered a sexual inducement.

Get permission from others before taking pictures of them

Speak softly, even outside.

Take a shower, pay attention to your scent and dress.

When sitting in front of a Buddha statue, you should fold your legs and never point your toes to the Buddha statue.

Donate some incense money when you visit the temple.

Get to know Thai people as much as possible and be friendly to them.

Pick up things when they are handed to you, especially food, even if you’re not hungry, try a little and put it aside.

Do as the Romans do

what not to do

Feet, never use your feet to do things: You are not allowed to use your feet to refer to anyone or a Buddha statue. In particular, you should not kick things or people with your feet. Buddhists believe that the feet are the lowest part of the body.

Feeling irritated or angry with Thai people, taking care of others’ face is very important for people in Asian countries. Thais feel ashamed if you fail to control yourself. And, never intentionally make anyone feel ashamed. What you think is a joke may not be as interesting as you think.

Touch someone’s head, and the head is given a sacred meaning. If you touch a child’s head, his mother might get angry. Because it is not good for children.

Walk past people. In crowded places, it can be difficult to get someone to give way to you. But it’s also an important thing, because it’s also something to do with your feet.

step over from the book

put your feet on a table or chair

wearing shoes at home

Dress scantily, especially girls

Occupying too much land, whether it is themselves or their own things, Thais usually pack themselves and their own things, and occupy less land.

Eat before the host starts to eat.

Feeling irritable when you speak Thai because others don’t understand

Give up trying to speak Thai when others want to understand you

Inappropriate hugs, kisses or physical contact with others in public

girl touching monk.



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