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Alexander Povetkin: To be honest, I miss boxing

Russian boxer Alexander Povetkin, who ended his professional career last year, admitted that he still misses boxing and is thinking about returning to the ring, but he is still recovering from the effects of the coronavirus and has just started light training.

“I started doing small runs. I’m not training yet, now I’m doing my health. I think in the near future I will start doing little by little. For now, it’s just a run. To be honest, I miss boxing. And I want to, ”Povetkin said about his desire to return to the ring during a press conference at the Izvestia Information Center.

“First, health. Secondly, I’m not 20 anymore. Time is running out. What is there to say. My blood vessels were severely damaged. I am still being treated – everything is more or less going away, – said the 42-year-old boxer about the consequences of the coronavirus, which he suffered at the end of 2020. – Vision is restored. I had never seen anything from the side before. Now this is better. I have already been in hospitals for a long time, I put droppers, pills … In general, I went through a lot of treatments, my condition seems to have gotten better. ”

According to him, he has not yet discussed the organization of his return to the ring with anyone and knows that his relatives are against it.

“Honestly, there was no such conversation. Relatives are against my coming back. I myself… I want, but I want, as they say, a lot of things. One desire is not enough. I’m in the business of health. And then we’ll see. Anything is possible,” said Povetkin, who also did not rule out that he could do coaching. A coach and a boxer are two different things. The desire [to become a coach] is there. The main thing is that there is an opportunity for this.”



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