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Michael Bisping: Chimaev will learn a lesson 

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping believes that the last fight with Gilbert Burns will make Khamzat Chimaev an even better fighter.

“I don’t think anyone didn’t like this fight and I think for Khamzat it was a great fight for his development as a fighter, for his evolution as a fighter,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel. — Khamzat will learn and grow on this. I think that Khamzat came into this fight a little self-confident. I think he went there expecting to blow Gilbert down. He thought he’d just go right through him, and you can’t always think that way.

He didn’t have any fucking opposition in past fights, nothing could stop him. So, history showed Khamzat that he could do it, so he thought it would happen again. That’s why he sat on the grid with Darren Till, looking like he was waiting for the bus, all calm and collected. But Gilbert Burns came to fight.

The reason I think it’s good for Hamzat is because he learns that you can’t always just go out and dominate people the way you think. He thought he was going through Gilbert and went there with no real game plan. Khamzat is much larger, he is much taller, his arms are much longer. He could make this fight harder for Gilbert if he just applied a bit of strategy. But he didn’t. He just went straight ahead, got stuck in close range, robbed himself of his reach advantage and threw punches, and in a fight like that, anyone can win. Gilbert Burns is extremely strong, so it’s not the smartest thing to do. So I think Hamzat will learn from that and I think he will come back better.”

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