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MIKE Tyson beat an annoying man in the cabin: video

Before taking off from San Francisco International Airport, the legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson was a little tipsy and not familiar with the words “adequacy” and “tactfulness” passenger a little tired. For which he received a kind of autograph – abrasions on his head, where Mike, who could not restrain himself, hit with his fists.


Judging by the TMZ Sports video, the youngster decided to chat with the boxing legend. Tyson sat in a chair and went about his business. I took a selfie with a stubborn man.


But he did not let up and constantly spoke to Mike. In the end, Tyson advised the annoying passenger to cool off and leave him alone, but, according to the witness, he never let up.


Roy Jones compared Mike Tyson’s punching power


As a result, Tyson stood up and gave the annoying man a thrashing. Witness says Mike got off the plane after that.

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The victim contacted the police.


At the end of March, Tyson was nearly shot in Hollywood. Previously, he taught the young rookie a-Charlo how to get a fight with Alvarez with swear words.


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