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The 3 most in-demand professions of the future

According to a survey of the “Top 100 Best Jobs” by CNN Money and PayScale in the United States, which has satisfactory growth rate and salary, as well as various surveys on 104 Information Technology Online, the 12 most in-demand jobs in 2015 (not It is not difficult to grasp the job trend and become a hot professional talent in the workplace!

1 Software Architect

Lead the team, plan software system development and design

In recent years, in the survey of the top 100 most popular jobs in the United States, software architect (Software Architect) often ranks at the top, and the demand for manpower for this emerging profession in Taiwan has also increased in recent years. “Software Architect” literally translates as software architect. Just as architects must draw blueprints before designing a house before starting construction, software architects are also responsible for coordinating the development and design of new software systems, planning the overall structure from the commanding heights, dividing the scope of power and responsibility, Lead the team to complete the project, evaluate various risks and benefits and costs, and ensure that the software has the best quality. In other words, the software architect is the key person who determines the success or failure of software development.

Software architects are very professional high-level talents in the IT industry. In addition to being very familiar with software development technology and possessing certain industry expertise, they must also have outstanding organizational management and leadership skills, so that they can integrate and coordinate the team such as Software engineers, database engineers, system analysts, test engineers, etc. have different viewpoints and ideas, and change the development direction at any time according to customer or enterprise needs.

2 Senior software design engineer

One of the most in-demand jobs in Taiwan
According to 104 Information Technology’s post-year job transfer survey, the industry category with the most full-time job opportunities is currently electronic information/software/semiconductor, and the information software system category has squeezed into the fourth place with the most job opportunities for the first time this year. Prospects.

In January 2015, the job opportunities for senior software design engineers increased by 42% annually, making it the most in-demand position in Taiwan, with an average annual salary of about 145,000 $.

The responsibilities of a senior software design engineer are not much different from that of a software design engineer, but the former must have at least 3 to 5 years of experience, be responsible for leading the direction of software design, and must also guide the software design engineer or provide technical support.

3 Game programmers

Build and maintain a virtual game world for thousands of people

According to the “Top 10 Industries with the Best Starting Salary in 2014” by 1111 Human Resources Bank, the information technology industry, which fell to the runner-up the previous year, regained the top spot this year, and video game programmers who also belong to the information technology industry are undoubtedly very popular. job.

Video game programmers need to design computer game software and programs after the game planning content is released. Like all software programmers, they are of course responsible for constant testing, debugging, modification, and maintenance. In addition, server maintenance and operation, security of player account data, and game interface design are all within their responsibilities.

Video game programmers are almost exclusively male, and most recruiting companies require information engineering or information management-related departments. The starting salary is about 5,800 $, but the salary increase will be nearly 30% after five years. In the future, in addition to senior video game designers, you can also develop into software project managers, software design engineers, and network style designers.



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