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What are the top10 delicious snacks in Tianjin?

When it comes to Tianjin snacks, you must first think of Goubuli buns, pancake fruits and Tianjin marijuana flowers.  In fact, in addition to this, there are many delicious special snacks in Tianjin. If you go to Tianjin, you must come and try it.

  1. Goubuli Buns

One of the three best foods in Tianjin.  According to legend, during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, a farmer in Wuqing County, Hebei Province had a son in his forties.  Gouzi came to Tianjin to study art on the 14th, and worked as a boy in a steamed food shop. He was ingenious, diligent and eager to learn. He practiced good craftsmanship.  People from Baili come to eat buns, and the business is booming. Gouzi is too busy to talk to customers. As a result, people who eat buns say \”Dogzi buys buns and ignores it\”.  Call his buns \”Goubuli\”.

“Goubuli” buns are a specialty snack of the Han nationality in Tianjin.  It is the first of “Tianjin’s Three Wonders” and one of the time-honored brands in China.  It was founded in 1858 AD during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty.  The noodles and fillings of Goubuli buns are finely selected, the production process is strict, and the appearance is beautiful.  The buns that have just come out of the cage are fresh but not greasy, with a delicious fragrance.

Goubuli has been recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the State Trademark Office, and Goubuli buns have been recognized as Tianjin Famous Brand Products.  It has been built and produced in Beichen Development Zone, Tianjin.

2. Rice dish

Guoba Cuisine (commonly known as Gaba Cuisine) is a unique local flavor traditional snack in Tianjin, which evolved from Shandong pancakes.  The pancakes cut into thin strips are mixed with marinade, accompanied by small ingredients, and the soft, smooth and fragrant rice dishes are ready.  In addition, Guoba dishes are best eaten while they are still hot. The pancakes used to make Guoba dishes should be thin, and the gluten-washed pulp should be used for marinating, and they are best eaten while they are still hot. In summer, Guoba dishes are made with mung bean flour.  Clearing away heat and detoxifying, relieving heat and appetizing.

 3. Ear and eye fried cake

Eryan fried cake is one of the “three musts” of Tianjin food. It has a history of nearly 100 years. It was named after the store was close to Eryan Hutong.  The ear-eye fried cake is made of fine ingredients and finely made. The finished product is a golden ball-shaped crown that is fried in boiling oil. The color is golden and bursts with “thorns”.  , Sweet and refreshing, fragrant.  In 1997, it was named as a Chinese Famous Snack by the China Cuisine Association.

  1. Jin jumping carp

Jinbeng carp is a traditional famous dish, made of live carp with scales.  It is so named because the fish looks like it is struggling and jumping in a net after it is cooked.  Remove the gills of the carp, open the belly, remove the internal organs, and cut off the soft spines on both sides of the fish; heat the oil to 80% heat, fry the fish until the bones are crispy, and pour the sweet and sour sauce on the plate.  This fish is fried and crispy with scales, the bone is tender and the meat is tender, sour and sweet.  The carp cooked in this way has completely lost its own unique earthy smell.

  1. Cooked chestnut cake

The raw material is rice flour. The rice flour mixed with good water is piled up in the washbasin. A little oil is rubbed in the stone bowl. The rice flour is smoothed in the stone bowl with a small spoon, and then placed on the air hole of the pressure cooker.  Continue to put the cooked ones on the cake tray, and then put the raw ones, and rotate several small bowls continuously. When steaming and delicious, spread the sauce, which can be chocolate, bean paste, kiwi, strawberry, orange, red fruit, etc., according to your own  Feel free to wipe your taste preference.

  1. Eighteenth Street Twist

The founders of Guifaxiang Twist are the brothers Fan Guicai and Fan Guilin. They once opened “Guifaxiang” and “Guifacheng” twist shops on the 18th Street of Dagu South Road in Tianjin.  It is customary to call it the Eighteenth Street Twist.  Eighteen Street Twist is an innovation through repeated exploration. A crispy filling containing sweet-scented osmanthus, min ginger, peach kernels, melon strips and other small ingredients is sandwiched between the white strips and the hemp strips, so that the fried twist is soft and sweet, unique and creative.  Assorted stuffed marijuana flowers.  Its characteristics are fragrant, crisp, crisp and sweet, and it will not lose its taste, softness or deterioration if placed in a dry and ventilated place for several months.

  1. Pancake fruit

Pancakes, fruits and rice dishes are unique to Tianjin. When it comes to Tianjin snacks, there are always the old “three musts” of steamed buns, twists and fried cakes.  In fact, these foods are available everywhere, but the brand in Tianjin is famous.  What really has a strong local personality in Tianjin are two rare snacks: pancakes and fruits and rice dishes.  Their origin shows the special taste of Tianjin people.

Pancakes, fruits and rice dishes are recognized as unique to Tianjin.  Even in Beijing, which is close at hand, it has not been popular.  According to Beijing diners, pancake fruit did not appear in the capital until the 1980s, but the taste is far from Tianjin’s.  The street selling there are pancakes from wheat noodles stalls, which are sticky and sour in the mouth.  The fried dough sticks inside are also different from Tianjin, they are light yellow and not deep fried.  Guoba dishes are hard to find in Beijing so far.

  1. Tea soup

According to legend, the tea soup originated in the Ming Dynasty. It is called tea soup because it is cooked with water, just like brewing tea.  Tianjin’s tea soup is a traditional snack, with a sweet and mellow taste, apricot-yellow color, and delicate and durable taste.  Making tea soup is a handicraft. The huge dragon-mouthed big copper pot is made by the skilled craftsman of the master.  In the stalls selling tea soup at the end of the street, drinking a bowl of hot tea soup in winter will make people feel warm immediately.

9. Zhilanzhai dry cake


Zhilanzhai Dry Cake is a famous traditional Han nationality cake in Jinmen, Tianjin.  A time-honored brand with a history of more than 60 years.  Zhilanzhai dry cake is steamed with Xiaozhan rice and glutinous rice flour sandwiched with various fillings.  Because the dried cake was created by the brand name of Zhilanzhai, it was named Zhilanzhai dried cake.  Zhilanzhai dry cake is white in appearance, non-sticky, non-fading, soft in taste and unique in flavor.

  1. Four Treasures of Winter

The four treasures of the winter season are iron sparrow, whitebait, purple crab, and chives.  Iron sparrow is a kind of sparrow. It is cooked in oil after preying in winter. It is a delicacy for drinking.  Whitebait is a kind of northern delicacy. The most common way to eat it is to use whitebait dipped in egg white and deep-fry it in oil.  This dish sounds quite high-end, and it’s still good to greet relatives and friends in the north。



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