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2022 Australia’s top 10 best towns! The panoramic view!

When it comes to Australia’s “treasure land”, everyone’s first impression – you may think of big cities like Sydney and Melbourne, but in fact, there are some small towns with unique scenery hidden around these cities. These small towns may not be so striking, but they contain infinite charm…

With the epidemic under control in most parts of Australia, the government has gradually relaxed social and travel restrictions. For Australians who have been stuck at home for a long time due to the epidemic, now is a good time to travel domestically. But there are thousands of small towns in Australia, which one is the most worth visiting? Recently, the famous Australian travel website Wotif selected the “Best Town of the Year” for 2021. A popular town in northern Queensland topped the list, and a resort town in Western Australia also ranked among the top ten, becoming a veritable popular tourist destination. .

Wotif released its 2021 “Australia Town of the Year” list on Wednesday morning, which aims to encourage residents to travel and allow more Australians to learn more about their country.

1. Cairns, Queensland

Port Douglas beach and ocean on sunny day, Queensland, Australia

Queensland came out on top, with Cairns at the top, jumping four places from a year earlier. Cairns is located in northern Queensland and is considered the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, known for its rainforests, gorges and beaches.

2. Pokolbin, New South Wales

NSW’s Pokolbin came in second, in the Hunter region, known for its wineries and stunning rolling hills.

3. Apollo Bay, Victoria

Apollo Bay in Victoria ranks third, a town on the state’s famous Great Ocean Road (Great Ocean Road) and the end of Bells Beach, the famous top ten surfing spots in the world.

4. Mudgee, NSW

Ranked fourth is Mudgee in New South Wales, an elegant and quaint country town located in the northwest of Sydney, with the beautiful natural scenery of (Cudgegong Valley) in the Cudgegong Valley.

5. Lakes Entrance, Victoria

Traveling in Australia is always fun and colorful, not only with various natural and cultural beauty, but also with various seaside activities, such as surfing, fishing, and catching seafood. The small town of Lakes Entrance, which is only 3 and a half hours away from Melbourne, is a good place to catch crabs. In addition, this sea not only has sunny beaches, but more importantly, there are few people, it is quiet and wide, and it has a feeling of “facing the sea and blooming in spring”.

6. McLaren Vale, South Australia

McLaren Vale in South Australia came in sixth, an area known for its pristine coastline, wine cellars and cheese making.

7. Hervey Bay, Queensland

About 300 kilometers north of Brisbane, Hervey Bay is both a paradise on the water and the best place to experience Australia’s wild natural environment. The waters here are safe and protected and suitable for water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, sailing and fishing all year round.

8. Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth in Western Australia came in at number eight. Yes, you read that right. The town on the list is not Margaret River, but the resort town of Exmouth with magnificent sights such as Ningaloo Reef.

Exmouth is a small town located at the northernmost tip of Ningaloo Coast. Ningaloo Coast is a famous world heritage protection area because of its good natural ecological environment and rich wildlife resources. Ningaloo Reef is one of the largest living coral reefs in the world and one of the very few places in the world where you can swim with whale sharks. It has also been voted the best diving base in the world, so for divers and swimmers, the experience here is absolutely unparalleled. With the largest coral reef in Western Australia and many types of tropical fish 20 meters from the shore, March is the best viewing period.

9. Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Port Macquarie is a vibrant coastal city, located in the heart of this beautiful area, with many beautiful beaches, oysters and other delicious fresh food, all kinds of outdoor adventure activities are endless and pleasing to the eye Trails abound. One of Port Macquarie’s most popular attractions is the Koala Hospital, which is dedicated to caring for injured and sick koalas. Visitors are welcome at the hospital at any time throughout the year, with tours taking place every day at 3pm.

10. The Entrance, New South Wales

The Entrance, the seaside town of the capital of the owl, has a small population, but the scenery is very charming.




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