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2022 Qatar World Cup · China’s manufacturing!

The 22nd World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022. This is the first time in history that the World Cup will be held in a Middle Eastern country. It is of epoch-making significance in the history of sports development in Asia and the world. In order to better host the World Cup, Qatar built a new “green city” in the desert – Lusail.

Qatar’s new landmark, the Lusail Tower, is expected to be completed before the 2022 World Cup. The project consists of two 70-storey skyscrapers and two 50-storey skyscrapers. As a catalyst for the city’s new central business district, the Lusail Tower will assume political, economic and commercial functions and has a very important position.

As we all know, the construction of super high-rise buildings in desert areas is a huge challenge. In order to cope with the complex and harsh climate, the Lusail Tower has high requirements for curtain wall decoration, which not only needs to resist high temperature and corrosion, but also reduce energy consumption and realize recycling. , to seek cooperation worldwide.

Dongtai Baosteel has become the supporting supplier of fireproof panels for the curtain wall lining of the Lusail Tower by virtue of its own strength, and Jinan Senfeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation with Dongtai Baosteel to help the curtain wall lining through the intelligent and flexible processing of the laser blanking production line. The continuous supply of fireproof boards will contribute to the Qatar World Cup in 2022! This also directly proves the power of China’s lasers. China is not only a manufacturing power but also a smart manufacturing power!

Why choose Jinan, Shandong?

It is understood that Senfeng Laser is a global metal forming automation enterprise, aiming to provide automatic metal forming solutions for global users. Senfeng’s laser blanking production line integrates uncoiling, leveling, cutting, blanking, and palletizing, and realizes full automation. The advantages of reducing cost and speeding up have won the favor of the international market. This time Jinan Senfeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has helped international events, which has produced extraordinary significance in the history of world lasers. Taking innovation and technology as the cornerstone of development and obtaining strong international certification, Senfeng Laser has a bright future!




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