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10 Ways To Treat Yourself Well -And Not be Alone

Don’t be alone, try to be a better version of yourself

There are two kinds of people in the world: one is longing for love and feels that it is a great and romantic thing to give for the other half; the other is enjoying being single, love and bread will mostly choose the latter, thinking that one can live alone. Very comfortable. No matter what kind of person you are, I hope you are a happy person.

Falling in love is a very beautiful thing. Love makes you grow, mature, and even become a child. With the care of your other half, it seems that you have motivation every day. I often hear people say, “With your other half, you can complete your life.” But the definition of a complete life is entirely up to you, and being single is not as lonely as imagined. You don’t need a relationship in order to realize your self-worth and be happy. Even if you don’t have a lover on Valentine’s Day, you can still have a fulfilling time!


How to spend Valentine’s Day alone

  1. Learn to love yourself more

First, you have to love your single life. There is nothing more worthy of being loved than yourself. Although I usually treat myself a lot, but Valentine’s Day can be a little more extravagant and reward myself well. Although saving money is a good habit, occasionally you still need to satisfy your desires. Don’t hesitate to place an order for clothes that you have liked online for a long time and tell yourself that this is a reward for yourself. You can also clean the house and rearrange the room to give the residence a new look, a new self, a new room for the new year, which will greatly enhance the good mood. Take a hot bath again, or watch a good movie, watch what you want to watch, and no one will grab the remote control from you, and have a comfortable and fulfilling day.



  1. Adjust your mentality


What makes your life unhappy is your pessimism, not your singleness. Seeing couples show their affection, it is inevitable to have the idea of “feeling that I am not good enough” or “thinking about finding a partner”. But it all depends on how you look at single life. To use an analogy, the love, time, tolerance and money that couples must give is far more than that of single people, and it is more difficult to maintain a relationship between two people than it is for one person. One person’s freedom cannot be practiced by two people; one person’s concerns are always less than two people’s. The most important thing is that you only need to take care of yourself and not worry about others. Thinking about things from a different angle may allow you to think more independently.


  1. Believe in yourself

Friends who have the other half around will doubt their abilities from time to time, and some even ask “Do you think he will like this?”. With the other half, it is inevitable that there will be large and small doubts, doubts about him, and doubts about yourself. Before the right person appears, you can learn to add value to yourself, make progress day by day, and make yourself a role model and a better person, so as not to disappoint and waste the wonderful time of being single! You don’t need to feel inferior, and you don’t need to be jealous of others. I firmly believe that on the road in the future, I will definitely find the other half that suits me, and the two-person world that belongs to you. Before you learn to trust others, trust yourself first.


  1. You have relatives and friends


Love is not everything, you still have family and friends, girlfriends and brothers. Some people will regard love as everything in their world, not that it is bad, but they will ignore other big and small things in life. With the other half, you will naturally spend more time, energy and company; if you are single, you will have more extra time to spend time with your family, eat and chat with your parents more, or ask good friends around you Sisters or brothers can go shopping, eat hot pot and drink together, and go to KTV together to sing songs that singles listen to, so that Valentine’s Day is not bad!

  1. Practicing yoga to relieve stress

If the concept of love holds you firmly, then you should work hard to get rid of it. Exercise may sound exhausting, but once you get hooked it will become a joy in your life. Exercise can not only effectively relieve stress, but also relieve emotions, make people feel happy, and of course make the body and mind healthier. No challenging exercise, even a simple yoga move or a walk in the park outside your home can help brush off unpleasant thoughts. To say something solid, sports are more solid than love~

  1. Learn to let go and look away

Many single people are always full of “hostility” towards Valentine’s Day, and feel that it is a very tormenting thing for them to watch other couples’ PO sweet photos together. In fact, Valentine’s Day is not an ordinary day like normal days. There are usually couples taking photos together. Some office workers have to go to work as usual, and it’s another busy day. You don’t need to hate Valentine’s Day, but spend it with a normal heart. If you look at it a little bit, you will feel that it is no big deal for others to show affection, and you are actually falling in love with yourself~


  1. Date yourself


When it comes to falling in love with yourself, of course you have to date yourself. Like networking or chatting, take a moment to ask yourself what you like and dislike, and be patient with yourself. If you can’t go out during the MCO period, you can prepare delicious food at home, spend some time on cooking, and add a sense of ritual. Make a good cup of coffee, or pour a glass of red wine; learn to cook steak and high-end western food online, and you can order takeaway if you don’t like to cook by yourself, which is extravagant. You can read books when you are full, and don’t forget that knowledge lasts longer than love. By the end, you seem to have a better understanding of yourself.



  1. Cherish things other than love more

Being in love is really a beautiful and happy thing, but it’s not everything. Love can make you find yourself, but it can also make you lose yourself. If there is no other half for you to guard, then you cherish other things, and even the little things in life will feel happy. When was the last time you spoke to your parents on the phone? You spend a sum of money to buy flowers and give gifts for your other half. Did your brother and sister celebrate their birthdays together? Love is great, but even greater is that you learn how to cherish feelings other than love. You have to know that in addition to love, you have friendship, family, and your pets.


  1. Do what you want, eat what you want, buy what you want

When you are shopping, meet a cute doll before queuing to checkout, or pass by a store and see a perfume that has not been ordered for a long time in the shopping cart, I hope that someone will buy it for you. Really want to buy it? Craving for Valentine’s Day chocolates too? Then buy it! The advantage of living alone is that you don’t need to think too much, you can buy what you want, and eat what you want. If you want to have a skill, sign up for the guitar lesson you’ve always wanted to learn; if you want to be cool, read the book you haven’t finished yet. Even if you’re single, make yourself feel loved.

  1. Write a love letter to yourself

Who says love letters can only be written for others? Maybe I wrote a lot of love letters in high school, I also received them, maybe I never wrote or received them, so why don’t you write them to yourself on Valentine’s Day this year. Write down all the reasons you love yourself, the things you are most proud of, your greatest achievements, your life goals, your future plans, just like you used to keep a journal. If you can’t write that much at a time, prepare a bottle or jar and put your goals, compliments, or little things you achieve every day on a note or post-it note and put it into the bottle bit by bit. After a period of time, you can take out this love letter or note, read it again, and remind yourself to treat yourself well and work hard towards your goal.



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