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Portugal’s Sunset! Watch the ends of the earth

Lisboa / Lisbon – there is a river that is always particularly gentle, and it is one of the reasons I like Lisbon. Tagus River, also known as the Turi River (Rio Tejo) transverse Lisbon and the opposite of Almad, connects the April 25th Bridge on both sides (Ponte 25 de Abri)

sunset in lisbon

From my hostel, Home Lisbon Hostel, you can see the banks of the Taigas River after crossing the Arco da Rua Augusta (Arco da Rua Augusta) and arriving at the Praça do Comércio. It only takes about 6-10 minutes to walk. The distance is a very convenient spot to watch the sunset in the urban area. You can see the April 25th Bridge not far away. You can walk to the beach to watch the sunset, how beautiful!

I wrote that day:

The sunset by the sea is a kind of psychedelic magic!

In fact, this is also the most impressive and most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, although the wind is so strong that it doesn’t matter if it becomes crazy for a second. Quietly watching the sky in front of you change layer by layer, the sunset gradually sinks into the sea, and the people behind you have become the most romantic composition. Although Portugal’s maritime hegemony has been declining for centuries, the side of the sea still has people’s concerns about the unknown. The yearning of the world, the hearts of travelers have not stopped stirring up to this day.

Watch the sunset from the ends of the earth

▴ The westernmost point of continental Europe – Cabo da Roca, about half an hour by bus from Sintra.

When I chatted with my Korean roommate J the night before departure, I found out that we would go to Roca Point the next day, and he was going to watch the sunset. And I just came here for a romantic remark, which witnessed the beginning and glory of the era of great voyages.


On the monument of the cross are the quotes of the Portuguese poet Camões
Translated into English as « The land ends here, the sea begins here »
And marked the coordinates 38.47° north latitude and 9.30° east longitude

From Sintra train station, take bus 403 to Roca Point and Cascais. After bumping along the road for half an hour, I laughed at the thought of J when I got out of the car! Because wind, no, enemy, great! The strong wind hits you so that you can’t stand up straight, and you want to escape into the car after 5 minutes, and you have to wait for the sunset? XDD
The Cape Roca facing the Atlantic Ocean is a headland. Although there are walking trails for walking and fences along the coast, there are cliffs next to it. In addition, the wind is really strong, and you can sing here: I am like a bird ~~~ A state that can take off at any time. Anyway, be careful when you come here

The little prince said: One day I watched the sunset forty-four times. You know, sad people love sunsets.

Sad people don’t listen to slow songs, come and see a sunset in Lisbon!
Maybe the sunset will take away your sadness and sink together, tomorrow will be a brand new day 🙂

Enjoy the romance of the Lisbon evening at sunset in Lisbon’s most enchanting Fado area, sipping Ginjinha, a local liqueur and admiring the city views, before ending the evening with a melodious performance of traditional music.

The meeting time and location were very clear and easy to find, and the tour guide contacted us quickly. It’s also good to change the “free ride on the old Lisbon tram” in the itinerary to walking around Lisbon. The dinner was delicious, the Fado show was fantastic, and the atmosphere was very lively. On the whole, the market is well arranged, and the tour guides are professional and friendly.

Itinerary introduction

This itinerary offers you a small group walking tour to watch the sunset over the Taigas River at dusk, and see Lisbon immersed in the entire sunset, presenting a different view from the daytime. The exquisite structures of the city’s cathedrals and monasteries, when the light changes, create a different aesthetic than the daytime.

Will take you through various key attractions in Lisbon, including Gates Sant Antão, Casa Alentejo, introduce you to the cultural background, historical pulse, the tour guide will take you for a walk in Lisbon, experience the active rhythm of the day from morning to night, and ride the history The long-standing tram, on the tram, you will pass more local landmarks in Lisbon, as if you have seen the deeper soul of the city. In the evening, the darkness and gray of the city are dyed with a romantic atmosphere. In the end, we will enjoy the authentic fado music live performance in the evening, and taste Portuguese food and wine at the same time, and end the beautiful night after a relaxed and happy meal.



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