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Binance Introduction: The world’s largest cryptocurrency platform

more than 100 products, handling fees, and a complete illustration of platform security (account opening discount 20% cash back)

This article mainly introduces the products of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, account opening process, deposit and withdrawal test, handling fee, leverage, customer service test and evaluation. For investors, in addition to investing in stocks, foreign exchange, futures, and bonds, there is a good chance that cryptocurrencies will become one of the mainstream investment choices in the future.

Contents of this article

  • Introduction to Binance
  • Binance security
  • Binance account opening tutorial: registration, account secondary verification (2FA)
  • Binance Account Opening Offer
  • Binance Fees
  • Binance Leverage: Up to 125x leverage

Introduction to Binance

The Binance exchange, founded in 2017, and the current CEO of the company, Changpeng Zhao, said in an open letter in early 2020: “It is expected that by 2030, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will not only exist, but also nowhere. not here.”

So far, Binance has become the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading platform, offering more than 100 cryptocurrencies, such as the well-known Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT, also known as the U.S. dollar stablecoin). )Wait.

At the same time, the Binance platform also launched its own currency: BNB. Finally, the Binance platform also opens contract trading with a leverage of up to 125 times, and investors can increase their profits by adjusting the leverage.

Platform Binance

Products Offers over 100 cryptocurrencies

Leverage 125 times

Platform Security Account Secondary Verification (2FA), Safe Assets Fund for Users (SAFU), Crypto Assets Security Alliance

Deposit method Credit card/debit card, C2C, cryptocurrency wallet, third-party platform

Official website Click me to go

Credit cards are often used for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. If you are interested in digital accounts and credit card discounts, please refer to:

Comparison of digital accounts in Taiwan (15 banks + monthly update): Survival rate, application discount, deposit limit, credit card combo secret technology

Xiao Jia is the captain of Binance. Opening an account through Lazy Economics can enjoy the following benefits:

Friends who register on Binance through Lazy Economics can enjoy the following benefits (as long as you register with a new email, you can get them):

Binance security

At present, there is still no formal financial institution supervision for cryptocurrencies, and there is no clear legal norm – countries are still at the stage of inconsistency in the formulation of laws – and cryptocurrencies are high-risk commodities, so choose to trade The platform is very important.

From the perspective of Binance platform: the world’s largest trading volume, high liquidity, account login requires two-step verification (2FA), and in July 2018, a user safety asset fund (SAFU) was established to withdraw all received transaction fees. 10% is allocated to the fund, which can be regarded as an insurance fund for the future. If users are maliciously attacked by hackers, they can get a certain degree of compensation.

Recently, in August 2020, Binance announced the launch of the “Crypto Asset Security Alliance”, in cooperation with data privacy software company Oasis Labs, to further strengthen the security defense against malicious criminals in the field of encrypted assets.

Overall, Binance is arguably the most secure cryptocurrency trading platform out there.

Binance account opening tutorial: registration, account secondary verification (2FA)


Binance registration only takes 2 steps: registration and login account and password, account verification, and the filling process is completed in less than 5 minutes.

As long as you have the following items ready: mobile phone, e-mail, and documents (identity card, passport, driver’s license), you can quickly register and complete the subsequent account secondary verification and identity verification procedures.

The detailed Binance registration process and the actual measurement of deposits and withdrawals are divided into another article for a detailed introduction, please refer to:

Binance account opening full diagram: 1 minute account opening registration (including account secondary verification, identity verification process), introduction of deposit and withdrawal, Chinese customer service experience-Binance

For the detailed introduction and advantages and disadvantages of deposit methods, please refer to: Binance deposit teaching: 5 methods full diagram | Credit card purchase | Wallet transfer | Bank recharge | C2C purchase | Third-party payment

Binance Account Opening Offer

Friends who register on Binance through Lazy Economics can enjoy the following benefits (as long as you register with a new email, you can get them):

  1. Lifetime 20% transaction cashback ratio, the highest in the entire network.
  2. 500USDT Binance Savings Experience Coupon
  3. 1,000USD monthly delivery

Binance Fees

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies available on the Binance platform, and investors can start investing in cryptocurrencies through a variety of services: currency trading, leveraged lending, USDT contracts, currency standard, deposit and withdrawal.

Different services have different fee rate tables (see the official website for complete information).

The level of the Binance fee rate depends on the account level: VIP0 (the lowest) ~ VIP9 (the highest), and the account level depends on the account transaction volume (currency trading, contract trading), BNB (Binance Coin) holdings Quantity decides.

In the figure, it can be observed that the above two conditions (trading volume, BNB holdings) must be met at the same time to upgrade, and the minimum transaction fee is 0.02%.

Here is a brief introduction to Maker and Taker: the fee rates of the two are different

Binance Leverage: Up to 125x leverage

Contract trading on Binance platform provides up to 125x leverage.




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