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Cupping has 6 major benefits must be collected!

When it comes to cupping, there may be few people who don’t know it. Cupping therapy, also known as cupping, is a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method rich in Chinese traditional culture. According to experts, cupping therapy is to use various jars as tools to create negative pressure in the jars by burning or squeezing them, resulting in extensive stimulation and local congestion or congestion, which has achieved the purpose of preventing and curing diseases. So, what are the benefits and taboos of cupping, let’s find out together!

1 Balance yin and yang.

Yang is hot and yin is cold. Fever is a manifestation of yang qi, while chills and aversion to cold are symptoms of yin qi. Cupping in Dazhui can treat fever diseases, and Guanyuan can treat cold diseases.

2 Harmonize the internal organs.

Cupping therapy combines the meridians and collaterals and generates negative pressure attraction locally on the acupoints to cause congestion and blood stasis on the surface of the acupoints.

3 dredge the meridians.

Cupping therapy stimulates the acupuncture points on the body surface and the meridian skin through its warm mechanical stimulation and negative pressure attraction, and the acupoints and the meridian skin are closely connected with the meridians. Therefore, cupping can dredge the meridians, harmonize the yin and wei, eliminate various pathogenic evils in the meridians, smooth the qi and blood, nourish the muscles and joints, and treat various diseases.

4 to assist in diagnosis.

By observing all the changes of body surface after cupping, the nature, location and relationship with internal organs can be inferred.

5 to get rid of the evil.

Cupping therapy uses negative pressure to suck and pull out the acupoints on the body surface, which can open the stomach, dispel wind and cold, and also adjust the function of the viscera and meridians, encourage the righteousness of the human body, and also help to expel evil in the body.

6 two-way adjustment.

Under the condition that the clinical acupoint selection and cupping methods remain unchanged, cupping therapy has a two-way benign regulating effect.

Cupping precautions and contraindications.

1. Cupping should not be performed on a full or empty stomach.

2. Before cupping, it is necessary to defecate first.

3. The same part cannot be cupping every day.

4. Cupping scars should not be cupped until they subside.

5. Women’s menstrual period and other bleeding parts should not be cupped.

6. Do not take a shower immediately after cupping, especially a cold shower.

7. Cupping is not suitable for high fever, convulsions, convulsions, etc.

8. Cupping should not be used in areas with skin allergies or ulcers.

9. It should not be applied to areas with thin muscles or uneven bones and hair.

10. Pregnant women should use it with caution in the lumbosacral and abdomen.

There are four misunderstandings about cupping. 

Myth 1: Take a shower after cupping

Many people like to take a bath after cupping, thinking that it is very comfortable, but it is very incorrect to do so. Because the skin at this time is in a very fragile state, bathing at this time can easily cause the skin to break and become inflamed. Especially taking a cold shower, because the pores of the skin are in a state of opening at this time, it is easy to catch a cold.

Recommendation: The correct bath time is 1 to 2 hours after cupping. After cupping, keep warm, and the temperature of the bath water should be slightly higher.

Myth 2: The longer you pull out, the better

Many people think that the longer the cupping time is, the better the effect will be. They even think that the effect of cupping can only be reflected by pulling out the blisters. In fact, this is also wrong. Because the cupping time is too long, blisters may appear, which not only hurts the skin, but also may cause skin infections.

Recommendation: The correct cupping time should be 10 to 15 minutes. If it is an elderly person or a child who is not in good health, the time should be halved.

Misunderstanding 3: Repeatedly pulling the same position

It is not possible to pull out twice at one time, and pull out the same position repeatedly. It is believed that this is the only way to pull out the effect. In fact, doing so will cause damage to the skin, such as redness, damage, etc.

Suggestion: When cupping, you can pull in multiple positions to increase the therapeutic effect.

Misunderstanding 4: Pull out the chest and stomach

Many people think: I will pull out wherever I feel uncomfortable. If my stomach hurts or my chest feels uncomfortable, I pull out my stomach and my chest. In fact, this is also wrong. Generally, it is best not to pull the chest and stomach for cupping, because there is no scientific basis for such pulling.

Suggestion: We usually place cupping on the waist, back, and shoulders.



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