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Will Airbnb accept encrypted payments in 2022?

Booking website Airbnb will accept cryptocurrency payments? Its CEO Brian Chesky announced on Twitter on January 4 that a survey conducted two days ago showed that fans are looking forward to Airbnb’s opening of cryptocurrency payments. In this regard, Brian Chesky said that he will start research, which may not be limited/contain multiple currencies. kind.

Brian Chesky, the CEO of Airbnb, the world's largest homestay booking network, asked the public for new annual recommendations on Airbnb on his personal Twitter on January 2. The result was more than 4,000 responses. The first place was to open up the cryptocurrency.  Payment, Chesky said that encrypted payment includes the possibility of various tokens.

May be developed to accept encrypted payments, not limited to mainstream currencies

Chesky first asked on Twitter on the 2nd: If Airbnb will launch anything new in 2022, what should it be?  This move led to an influx of more than four thousand suggestions, and Chesky released the following on the 4th after sorting it out:

More than 4,000 suggestions have been received, the following are the top six:

1. Open cryptocurrency payment (recommended by most people)

2. Clearer price indication

3. Guest Loyalty Program

4. Update cleaning fee

5. More long-term stays, discounts

6. Better customer service

Chesky added that most of the suggestions made by netizens are already underway (such as accommodation quality, cost, etc.), so they will begin to study those new suggestions (that is, including cryptocurrency payments).

Netizens responded fiercely below. Some people advocated that Airbnb accept mainstream currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Fans of the Shiba Inu army believed that Chesky would favor SHIB. In this regard, Chesky said: The idea of ​​encrypted payment contains many kinds of  Possible tokens.

According to Chesky, Airbnb has handled more than 336 billion U.S. dollars since 2013. If payments are not only mainstream currencies, but even Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency’s market will undoubtedly be a big plus.

All parties rush to open cryptocurrency payments

Airbnb is not the first to open cryptocurrency payments. As previously reported, the blockchain travel booking platform Travala has partnered with Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode to open more than 3 million travel products to fully accept Bitcoin Lightning Network payments.  The supported currencies are more than 50.

Stratos Jets, a private jet leasing company, is cooperating with the FTX.US exchange. Users can rent private jets by paying cryptocurrency with FTXPay; US e-commerce giant Newegg, the largest movie theater chain AMC, and direct selling giant Market America have also accepted Bitcoin and Ethereum.  Pay with Dogecoin.

Zhu Su, the founder of Singapore’s cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, predicted recently that Telegram, Signal, Line and many other communication platforms will launch cryptocurrency payment services that will be available to 1 billion users on their platforms.





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