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Famous Attractions in Wuhu china

1. Ma Renqi Peak Scenic Area

Ma Ren Mountain is listed as a provincial forest park because of its beautiful mountains and good vegetation. The Maren Temple, which was built in the Tang Dynasty, is still surrounded by incense and mist, and pilgrims continue to visit. There is still Wuxia Temple at the southern foot of Maren Mountain. The two temples are opposite each other across the peak, adding to the glory of the thousand-year-old Buddha land. Ma Ren’s scenery is beautiful because of the forest, spiritual because of the temple, strange because of the peak, and strange because of the stone. Ma Renfeng is hundreds of feet high. Whenever the clouds rise, but the fog barrier is erected on the wall, it is even more beautiful, making tourists from all over the world linger.

2. Xinhualian Beluga Marine Park:

There are more than 400 kinds of marine creatures in Xinhualian Beluga Ocean Park, with a total number of more than 1,000 species. At present, there are several exhibition centers in the park, all of which are modern and clean and tidy. A little peculiar smell, is a good place to go.

3. Yashan Scenic Area:

Yashan is located in Nanling County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. It consists of four scenic spots: Huahai Stone Forest Scenic Area, Tiankeng Park, Nanshan Temple and Longshan. The scenic spot is a typical karst landform, which is the largest karst landform in East China. The stone forests, karst caves, waterfalls, canyons, tiankengs, dark rivers and mountain top lakes in the area are integrated into one. Yashan Scenic Area covers an area of ​​25 square kilometers. It is one of the important scenic spots in Anhui’s “two mountains and one lake” tourism economic circle. In 1987, Yashan was approved as the first batch of provincial-level scenic spots in Anhui Province. Yashan Geopark is the sixth batch of national geoparks approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources in 2011.

4. Zheshan Scenic Area:

Zheshan Scenic Area is the largest urban mountain park in the area. Many local friends choose to go here during their leisure time. There is a high tower in the scenic area that can overlook the whole city of Wuhu. There is a food street to meet the needs of foodies.

5. Jiuzi Ancient Town:

Jiuzi Ancient Town is an ancient Huizhou architectural town worth visiting. The ancient town is 1200 meters long from north to south. During the day, there are various folk activities in the ancient town for tourists to experience, and at the same time, you can watch large-scale live performances showing the development of Huizhou merchants; at night, a dreamy waterfront area is created along the banks of the Biandan River, with tea bars, book bars, There are coffee bars, etc., tourists can also take a cruise, enjoy the ancient town, put on the river lanterns, and experience the fun of the ancient town on the water.

6. Tianmen Mountain:

Tianmen Mountain has a strong historical heritage, the biggest highlight of which is the Tianmen Academy, which was built in 1246 AD. It not only has a unique appearance, but also has a good geographical environment. It attracts a lot of tourists every year.

7. Mirror Lake Park:

Wuhu Mirror Lake Park is composed of two parts, the big and the small. Because the water is clear and the shape is like a round mirror, “the water does not compete with the shape”, so it is named “Mirror Lake”. Jinghu Lake is an open scenic area, with pavilions and pavilions facing each other, and curved bridges and promenades connecting each other; under the shadow of fine willows, the statue of Xiao Yuncong, a historical and cultural celebrity from Wuhu, A Ying, Hong Rong library, Wang Buwen memorial pavilion, etc. ; All kinds of modern buildings stand around the lake, making the famous historical landscape of “Mirror Lake Xi Liu” add a strong urban atmosphere and modern scenery.

8. Xihe Ancient Town:

Xihe Ancient Town is an ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River with a long history of more than 600 years. The ancient town retains its original features and is quaint. The special snacks here are also well-known, especially Wangjia sausage, Qingyijiang fish, and square sliced ​​cakes.

9. Huizhou Merchants Museum:

The museum mainly displays the folk collections of Huizhou merchants. The whitewashed walls, gray tiles and horse head walls contain Huizhou architectural elements. The ancient dwelling houses in the museum were relocated from Huizhou as a whole, and many of the house structures were collected from local Huizhou merchants, and were bought back from the houses that were about to be ruined, pieced together, and rebuilt.

10. Guangji Temple:

Guangji Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty. The most distinctive place in the temple is the Tibetan Temple built in the imitation of Jiuhua Mountain. The whole momentum is very majestic. Now it is the most popular in Wuhu. Check in.



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