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how Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo succeeded in their business

Social networks bring fans closer to their favorite celebrities. It allows followers to update where their favorite stars are, what they’re up to, what they’re thinking, and anything else they might want to know.

Celebrities use social platforms to connect with their admirers and forge personal connections. In this way, they gain more acclaim among the public. It also shows the realistic side of VIP.

Rihanna has achieved success in the music industry through her social media glamour and her cosmetics and fashion brands, reaching over 50 million followers. Besides her, Cristiano Ronaldo is also a master of social networking and his sporting career. Being famous and appreciated on social channels has given them millions of followers and growing success in their business.



The username badgalriri is popular, and the diamond singer is also a wealthy businesswoman. The music star has mastered the social media game, and she has subtly boosted her business through social listening.

By learning some of the tactics that she use, we can match her game (at least on social media). You deserve the art of reaching individuals on the internet with minimal typing posts like she does.

Rihanna captivates her fans with every post and continues to transform her music career as well as her brand Fenty Beauty through social media. None of these achievements are accidental. In fact, all of her posts are well-reflected and serve as a long-term way to connect with her supporters.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is a well-known Portuguese footballer. No other athlete can match the footballer’s social media presence. Even adding up the followers of several other athletes doesn’t result in Cristiano’s follower count.

The athlete revamped the ground rules of sport and is now a popular image and ambassador for many international brands selling luxury goods. He has surpassed Justin Beiber and, to your surprise, even has more followers on Facebook than Donald Trump.

CR has generated at least $1 billion in revenue for sponsors through social media by mastering social media marketing skills. He created sky-high returns for his endorsement partners. The star is also known as the king of Facebook due to his huge followings, especially girls and soccer moms in disguise.

Ronaldo is also an entrepreneur and a famous football player. He owns fashion boutiques, lingerie brands, blanket stores, restaurants and a museum named after him – CR7. In addition to these, CR has its own video games with superstars Ronaldo and Hugo. Additionally, CR7 Crunch Fitness has partnered with Crunch Franchise to expand the VIP’s fitness empire.

Now, look at the tactics these social media sensations are taking.

listen before posting

Fenty Beauty is a makeup line by Robyn Rihanna Fenty aka Rihanna or BadGalRiri. She started the line that can “include women around the world.”

One of the main reasons for the success of this business is that Rihanna pays full attention to the conversations that take place on the web, learns from it, and then crafts products and social media posts based on people’s needs.

She finds that many women have difficulty finding the right foundation for their skin tone. So when her brand was revealed to the public, it offered 40 foundations to serve customers that the cosmetics industry really overlooked.

This resulted in an overwhelming amount of reviews from makeup users; everything was filled with relief and joy. The beautiful host also said that her makeup should inspire everyone. Also, point out that “when you put makeup should never feel stressful. It should never feel it like a uniform”.

The pop star understands that social media isn’t just for posting content or getting feedback, it’s also a tool for explaining what buyers want.

Likewise, you should incorporate social media research and understand what your consumers want, rather than giving them what you think they need.

 Personalized content

Rihanna is both a singer and an actress. Her posts are never 100% focused on promotion; instead, they include her charisma and native language. The biggest users of social channels are young people, who prefer authentic content to traditional ad impressions on the page.

This is where Rihanna has a distinct advantage over other well-known businesses like her. She produces relevant content that her fans will see and say, “That’s what I’ll do!”.

Rihanna shares her favorite lipstick shades with her followers. Likewise, you can have an opinion. Whether it’s your favorite show, a delicious recipe, or something you find really interesting. This portrays that you care about things outside of business and reflects human nature. Her Instagram posts are unique and lighthearted. She shares professional photos as well as real life scenarios.

Businesses can share content shot behind the scenes, as well as content with bright or themed color schemes and custom captions, across a variety of platforms.

 Express thankfulness

Riri will never forget to thank her fans and admirers who helped her achieve success in the competition. She also mentioned the people who stood by her along the way. This tells followers that you notice them and care about them. It is a kind and effective way to build attachments to other beings.

As you can see, Rihanna thanked the kids on behalf of all social media users. And actively encourage children and appreciate their enthusiasm.

Ronaldo has developed a CR7 selfie app that allows his fans to take selfies with him anytime, anywhere. In this way, fans stay happy and connect with him. The app’s video on Twitter has received numerous likes and retweets within a short time of posting.

Likewise, you should plan your social media strategy to show your followers that you see them and value them.

 stand out

Robyn Rihanna hits the market with foundation in 40 shades, reinventing the industry standard set by international brands. Companies like Maybelline, Revlon, CoverGirl, and others have replicated this trend, dubbing it the “Fenty Effect,” driving brand sales to nearly a billion dollars.

Additionally, her fashion label, Fenty Fashion, has filled another void in the apparel industry by offering a size 14 and further considering curvy women that most brands typically ignore.

Rihanna has more than 74 million followers on Instagram and Facebook. Although she spent millions of dollars on advertising, her website and social media sites helped a lot in building her brand over the course of several years.

Additionally, Fenty offers Instagram-ready packaging, highly pigmented products, universally accepted messages, and gorgeous imagery; Rihanna herself serves as the brand ambassador.

Unique ideas and engaging content are necessary for the best marketing results. First, gain popularity, then take advantage of social media. You have to have confidence in your brand to get people to like it. Find a way to inspire others to have the same passion for your brand.

Discover what’s unique about your company through social channels and share your work culture and team’s talents with your audience.

 Communicate awareness and motivation

Delivering value to the fan base with messages like “Be Secure!” and the album with a special title created a positive experience for Rihanna’s customers. In addition, she provides links to her songs as a way of thanking her clients and supporters. bring them into her world.

She encourages diversity and inclusion through her product line, communicating that everyone is beautiful in their own way. It was a great strategy that proved to be a success for her company.

 Connect with other brands and influencers

Rihanna has been working with other singers on various albums and songs. Like a four or five second song by Riri with Paul McCartney and Kanye West. She shares photos of her live performances and shoots on her Instagram to let fans know about her collaboration. There is no doubt that this song is very popular!



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