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The most worth buying electric motorcycle

With the continuous enhancement of everyone’s awareness of environmental protection, more and more things have begun to pursue green and pollution-free. Electric motorcycles are a new type of traffic force. In cities, cars are congested and subway switching is too hard. Therefore, electric motorcycles have really ushered in the spring. They are less labor-intensive than bicycles and lighter than traditional motorcycles.

Today, I would like to recommend the ranking of the best 3000 yuan electric motorcycles. I hope it will help you to buy electric motorcycles.

1. place Yadi | Leon

In 2019, Yadea products were exported to 83 countries and regions including the United States and Germany, with global sales of more than 6 million units and a revenue of 13.5 billion yuan. It is the only brand in the global two-wheeled electric vehicle industry with a revenue of over 10 billion yuan. According to the authoritative certification issued by Euromonitor International, Yadea is the “world’s first” and “world’s leading” brand in the global electric vehicle retail market.

Leon is a mid-range electric motorcycle of 3000 yuan. Due to its good configuration, it is known as the “small G5”. The car uses an 800W motor and a 72V20AH lead-acid battery, which is as powerful as the G5 and has a longer battery life. distance.

In addition, it is also equipped with hydraulic shock absorption and front disc and rear drum. Although the braking is not as good as the G5, it is not bad. It is a very cost-effective model at this price.

2. New Sun | Black Panther 3

800w, 60 battery life, front and rear drum brakes, hydraulic shock absorption, non-removable battery

Sunra electric car adult battery car electric motorcycle luxury men and women into


Xinri is an old-fashioned electric vehicle company in China, and one of the earliest companies in the industry to combine vehicles with APPs to promote the intelligence of electric vehicles. In 2017, Xinri was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and was the first electric vehicle brand in China to be listed on the A-share market. Participated in the drafting of the new national standard for electric bicycles.

The Black Panther series is Xinri’s electric motorcycle model for short-distance travel. It adopts 800W motor and 60V20AH lead-acid battery, and is equipped with LCD instrumentation, hydraulic shock absorption, front disc and rear drum braking system.

In addition, additional functions such as second gear shift, reverse gear, and P gear are also equipped. The overall performance is very sufficient and the appearance is beautiful. It is an excellent representative of the 3000-level electric motorcycle.

3. Luyuan|MH5

Youthful appearance, good value for money

Luyuan electric vehicle electric moped scooter fashion high-end small turtle king 60V dynamic

The MH5 is a sitting design, which makes the ride more comfortable and stable. At the same time, it is equipped with an aluminum tube front fork, a hydraulic single-spring shock absorption system, and a high-end brake system with front disc brakes and rear ceramics, making it enough to handle most urban terrains.

MH5 has two versions of 72V 1200W and 60V 800W, you can choose according to your needs.

4. Tailing Little Lion Cloud Battery Electric Motorcycle

Cloud battery, long battery life

Tailing (TAILG) new small lion electric car electric motorcycle 60V battery car new

to buy

The little lion is Tailing’s current main travel electric motorcycle. It adopts 60V22Ah cloud battery, 600W motor, hydraulic shock absorption and front disc and rear drum braking.

Although the overall performance is one level lower than the Hu Ben, the price is cheaper, less than 4,000 yuan, which is very suitable as a short-distance travel tool.

5. place Mavericks | Uqi series

Intelligent control, high appearance

The Uqi series are all electric bicycles, using the Mavericks Bosch combined motor. Depending on the version, the battery life is 40-55KM. The performance is not outstanding, but it is superior in intelligent control and high appearance.

Its price is between 3500 and 5500. It is a practical short-distance travel electric vehicle series, suitable for campus or family travel.

6. New Sun | Liman

Turtle King Design, Female Orientation

Sunra electric car adult electric motorcycle 60V20AH battery car fashion ¥3699.00

to buy

Sunra electric car adult electric motorcycle battery car men and women urban time


Like the Black Panther series, Liman is an electric motorcycle model of Xinri for short-distance travel. Both use 800W motor and 60V20AH lead-acid battery, and are equipped with LCD instrumentation, hydraulic shock absorption, front disc and rear drum brake system, and additional functions such as second-speed shifting, reverse gear, and P gear. The overall performance is very sufficient.

Moreover, Liman uses better materials than the Black Panther series, and the appearance is more inclined to young women, but the corresponding price is also higher, and the overall cost performance is not as good as the Black Panther series.

7. Emma | Mai

Moderate price, both strength and appearance

Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the three major manufacturing bases for electric bicycles and electric motorcycles in China. Emma, ​​the leading two-wheeled electric vehicle company in China, was born in Tianjin.

Mai has a fingerprint recognition system, but the price is more than 1,000 yuan cheaper than Macaron, mainly because it uses a motor independently developed by Emma instead of Bosch motor, which is slightly inferior in stability and energy consumption.

At the same time, this model uses a braking system with front disc brakes and rear hub brakes, which is not as stable as the Macaron with front and rear disc brakes. However, for young people whose daily commuting distance is within 20km, Mai is still a means of transportation with both strength and appearance.



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