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Taiwan’s 5 best spots to see the dawn recommended

At the end of the New Year and New Year holidays, in addition to having a happy countdown with good friends to welcome the new year, the most exciting thing is to see the first light of the new year! This time ELLE sorted out the 5 most beautiful dawn spots in Taiwan. From north to south, east and even outlying islands, it will take you to the secret place to enjoy the beautiful and limited scenery together, and feel the touch of the first light to usher in the new year. Do you know where to chase the light? Hurry up and collect it, and the blood rushes for the New Year’s Eve!

1。Watch the dawn: New Taipei “Bitou Cape Lighthouse”

At the northern tip of Jinguashik, New Taipei City, there is the Bitou Cape Lighthouse, which was built in 1897. There is also the “Bitou Cape Ridge Valley Trail” known as the Great Wall of Taiwan. When the weather is clear, walking along the long trail of undulating hills, the surrounding clouds are clearly visible, as if walking among the clouds! At the end of the pavilion, you can see the endless sea, and it is also the best view for chasing the light. The moment the light breaks through the sea level and rises, it is really super beautiful and super dreamy!

2.。See the dawn location: Taipei “Yangmingshan Qingtiangang”

If you want to take the first glimpse of Meimei, just in Taipei! Qingtiangang is cool and quiet, and the grassland is vast, which is a good place to appreciate the dawn. While waiting for the dawn, you can look up at the stars in the evening, welcome the beauty of the morning sun in the early morning, and admire the beautiful dawn that surrounds the clouds and gradually rises in the distance. You have a double romantic beauty at once. In the autumn, there are large tracts of miscanthus blessing, stained with golden sunlight, the picture is simply incredible.

3。 See the dawn location: Yilan “Taipingshan Cuifeng Lake”

The Taiping Mountains surrounded by mountains, with mountain trails suitable for all ages and excellent geographical location, has always been an excellent place to appreciate the dawn. One of the must-visit attractions is Cuifeng Lake. Follow the mountain trail around Cuifeng Lake to absorb the essence of the forest, while wandering in the beauty of nature, waiting for the dawn and sunrise, and when the sun rises, there are The opportunity to see the magnificent sea of ​​clouds that emerge between the mountains and the lake scenery is like a fairyland under the light of the morning sun. It is so beautiful that people can’t move their eyes. It is the first choice for Yilan to chase the light in the new year.

4。Watch the dawn location: Yilan “Nanfangao Observation Deck”

When it comes to the beauty of Yilan’s sunrise and twilight, we cannot fail to mention the “Nanfangao Observatory.” It is located on the Taiwan 9-Ding Line, which is on a cliff beside the old Suhua Highway. As long as you drive to the parking lot and walk for a minute, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Neipiyu Harbor and Lover’s Bay. In Nanfangao, the sun slowly rises from the coastline and emits a golden light, shining on the entire seascape, and the beautiful scenery of Nanfangao Fishing Port, Tofu Cape, Beacon Mountain and Guishan Island are unobstructed, and the first light is the new year. Good omen for turning on!

5。Watch the dawn location: Chiayi “Xianding Two Yanping Trail”

You don’t have to be crowded if you want to see the beautifully limited dawn! Come to the second Yanping Trail at the waist of Alishan, the morning sunrise, the tea garden trail, and the sunset melting gold will satisfy you at once. Not only can you watch the sunrise over the new year, but you can also enjoy the sunset together. Walking on the tea garden trail seems to be deep in the clouds. When the first daylight falls, the surrounding sea of ​​clouds changes rapidly and is full of momentum. It also allows you to bathe in golden light and immerse yourself in the pleasant sunrise time.




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