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The 7 most beautiful towns in the Philippines in 2022

Speaking of the Philippines, in fact, many people may have some impressions of its capital Manila, but in fact, in addition to Manila, many cities in the Philippines are also very livable, and after many tourists come to the Philippines, they may Choose to take a walk in some of the surrounding cities, after all, there are many other tourist attractions that are concentrated in areas other than Manila.

The Philippines is an archipelagic country in Southeast Asia, consisting of various islands, and each island has its important city. Today I will introduce the top ten cities in the Philippines and the capital of the Philippines. Because the Philippines was once ruled by Western countries, every city will have a little bit of Western culture history. Join me now to learn about the city stories of this country in the Philippines!

  1. Metro Manila: The capital of the Philippines

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, just like Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. Because Manila has a long history, here you can see buildings full of history and experience the life of Metro Manila.

Metro Manila is made up of 16 cities with the city of Manila as its core. Manila is the political, economic, and cultural center of the country, as well as an important transportation and trade port. For those who want to come to Manila, he is also the city with the most airlines opening direct flights to the Philippines.

  1. Cebu City: The first choice for island country tourism

Cebu is the second largest city in the Philippines, a city where you can relax and enjoy your vacation. There are three of the best malls here, SM Mall, Ayala Mall, and SM Side Mall. Not only can you shop to your heart’s content, but there are also must-see sightseeing spots around: Magellan’s Cross, St. Infant Cathedral….

There are also hundreds of beaches around Cebu that not only allow you to snorkel, surf and live a holiday life, but if you are tired, there are many spas for you to massage.

  1. Clark City Clark: a well-policed city

Clark used to be a military base for the U.S. Navy and one of the most secure cities in the Philippines. Because Clark was once ruled by Western culture, Clark has a variety of Western architecture. Clark is also a special economic zone in the Philippines.

Clark has the most resorts, and the resorts here combine water parks, golf courses and casinos… If you are a friend who came to Clark to study, here you can have many vacation options besides serious reading, let Your study tour life is not boring!

  1. Baguio City: Great place with a cool climate

Baguio city philippines

Because of its geographical location, Baguio, which is located in the mountains, has a low average annual temperature. Compared with other hot cities, the pleasant climate here has become a summer resort. Baguio has a variety of festivals, such as: Baguio Flower Festival, Holy Week In Baguio, Baguio Arts Festival… Let you experience local things while traveling and studying. Folk festival.

  1. Iloilo: Best city to live in

Iloilo is also one of the largest cities in the Philippines. This city is not only hailed by foreign media as “the most livable city”, but also known as the capital of elegance. Iloilo is not only a place with many ancient churches and unique buildings that can be visited. Because of the development of education, Iloilo City is also known as the city of education. There are also famous attractions around Boracay, you can take a vacation.

  1. Bacolod City: the sister city of Keelung

Bakoro, not only the most urbanized city in the Philippines, but also one of the cleanest and greenest cities. Because of the enthusiasm and optimism of the local people, Bakoro is known as the “City of Smiles” and also the “Rugby City”. It is also the sister city of Keelung City in Taiwan. The most distinctive feature in Bacoro is the Mask Carnival, which is held every year on the third week of October.

    7. Lapu-Lapu: a tourist city next to Cebu


Lapu-Lapu City is connected to Cebu City and Mandaue City by two bridges, which are also only five minutes away from the two cities. The city not only has the most important Mactan-Cebu International Airport, but also has famous attractions in the city: Lapu Lapu Memorial Statue and Guitar Factory… There are also many famous islands like Sweet Potato Island, a famous island-hopping itinerary. Shiseido Island, Narusu Bay Island

The above are the top ten famous cities in the Philippines, move! Plan your trip to the Philippines quickly and experience the most authentic and most appropriate Philippine life in these eight cities!



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