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top 10 Australia’s best cities for living!

Australian city gives us a series of vibrant different lifestyle options, where there is a perfect beach and natural paradise. From Melbourne prosperous art scene to the company culture of Sydney, there is always a place to call home. In view of this, we have organized a city guide that is the most suitable living in Australia to help you make a wise decision. Welcome to say, go to the walker, let’s take a few cities in the following:

  1. Cairz

Cairns’s population is only 152,000. It is known for its portal to the Great Barrier Reef. Tropical climate, relaxed lifestyle and coastal life is a dream resort for visitors and lives for life. Keynes is not as cheap as before, but it is another big escape from the sharp increase in the cost of living in the city of Australia. Keynes’s public and private schools are also combined together. James Cook University is one of the most famous marine science institutions in the world. Another positive factor in the Cairns lifestyle is that it is very suitable for cycling. Keynes is completely flat and has bicycle lanes, so they are safe to ride anywhere.

  1. Gold coast

The Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful beaches of Australia. It is one of the most popular resorts in the world. It is why it is full of vitality and young atmosphere, plus a sunny climate and high quality life, making it the preferred destination of foreigners. Around the Gold Coast is a rural area, a mountain surround, you can also appreciate some national parks. There are also dozens of public and private schools in the Gold Coast, many of which recently built to meet the growing population. The Gold Coast has four Australian university campuses, about 30000 college students may be the best gatherings in Australia and the city to enjoy bustling night.

  1. Australian Capital Region

It provides all the international interests of modern, vibrant cities, while emitting a larger country town’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere. As the location of many political and government agencies, including the Australian Parliament, the bill provides a wide range of employment opportunities and rich salary, which is easy to match larger neighbors. The area is an affordable learning destination with high living, but the cost is lower than Sydney or Melbourne. Students need $ 13,000 a year to pay for accommodation, food and additional costs.

  1. Hobart

As the capital of Tasmania, Hobart is a trivial city. Stay away from the mainland, it provides huge and quiet and peaceful natural beauty and low pressure lifestyle. Despite the prosperity of the real estate market, Tasmania is still the most affordable state in Australia. Hobart’s housing is cheap cheaper than most mainland China. Unlike many northern cities, Hobad has four different seasons and cool climate.

  1. Wolonggang

Wolonggang is a vibrant multicultural city, one of the most beautiful coastlines in Australia. As the “most ignorant” regional city of Australia, Wolonggang puts a casual coastal atmosphere with international dining, shopping and cultural combinations. The city is the education center in the region and is also the location of Wolong University and many colleges and schools. In addition, the cost of living in this city is also very reasonable, which means you can concentrate on learning, not financial. Wolonggang’s living costs is lower than many other cities in Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne.

  1. Brisbane

Brisbane received approximately 50,000 international students a year, which is the third largest population city in Australia. Brisbane is also known as “New World” City. In addition to foreign students, there are many tourists, so in general, you will feel a real multicultural environment here. Local college tuition is very low, you have more than 9,000 bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree program. Brisbane residents are an active group that they like to enjoy the beautiful river, whether it is running slowly on the river or sailing. Stay away from the prosperous Brisbane city center, you will find a relaxed suburbs and beautiful scenery.

  1. Peris

Peris is the largest remote city in Australia. This is an international city located in the West Coast of Australia. Beautiful city park, prosperity economy and warm weather in the four seasons. It is very comfortable, the employment prospects of the mining industry, tourism, health care and technology industries are particularly optimistic. In Peris, student life is more focused on campus activities, because universities are far from the city center. For payment capabilities, Peris is cheap cheaper than in Sydney, Darwin and Melbourne.

  1. Adelaide

Adelaide is more and more popular because of its friendly country atmosphere, pleasant climate, spectacular scenery and affordable real estate. There are a lot of job opportunities, and Adelaide recruits at least 5,000 technical immigrants every year, especially in the field of medical, education and manufacturing. For students, Adelaide is the third cheap university town in Australia. Adelaide is one of Australia’s greaterTst study abroad. If you want to combine excellent learning opportunities with a lot of sports, such as hiking, cycling and rock climbing is a good choice. Leisure lifestyle, gentle weather and low living costs make Adelaide a good place to live.

  1. Sydney

Sydney is of course not the cheapest place of residence in Australia, but it is an exciting city. You will not sleep early because of its enviable nightlife. Sydney has enviable nightlife, shiny beaches, and endless work opportunities in various industries, where you can leave your own imprint in more than 50 industries worldwide! More than 50,000 international students come to Sydney every year, the main reason is that the quality of life is high, and Sydney has been scored high in employment. When you need to flee the city, there is an endless adventure here waiting for you. Walking from the Blue Mountain to a wine in the hunter valley, or relax on the northern beach, it is so friendly to everyone.


Melbourne is the highest cultural center in Australia and is also one of the most euried cities in the world. Australia has a diverse economy, and many of the largest companies are located in Melbourne. Although the cost of living is slightly lower than Sydney, it is still relatively high. The job market is still quite good, especially for employees who specialize in aviation, construction, automotive engineering, finance, etc. In Melbourne, you can add learning by participating in some leisure activities, such as participating in live music activities in many places, watching comedy performances or sports events.



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