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What are the most popular occupations in 2022

In the past 20 years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, and people’s occupations have also undergone earth-shaking changes. Just like before, most of our parents lived on agriculture, facing the loess and turning their backs to the sky, relying on their own hard work. Sweat can barely survive, but in modern times, people’s lives are becoming more and more diversified, and more and more new jobs have been created. The employment trend is also changing, but the essence of change is inseparable, and there are new occupations. At birth, there are sunset professions that will be brutally eliminated, but there are also professions that cannot be beaten.

What kind of occupation are you suitable for?

Tenth place: civil servants. Civil servants are definitely a job that many students yearn for after graduation. After all, they work for the country. Not only is the job stable and easy, but also the pay is uncertain. In some developed places in southern my country, the salary of civil servants has even reached hundreds of thousands, and it is also relatively decent. As soon as one hears that a child of a family has been admitted to the civil service, it will definitely be widely circulated among relatives, but in the most popular ranking, the civil servant is only at the bottom of the tenth place.

Ninth: People’s Teachers. Teachers are the bridge of knowledge transfer and the cornerstone of a country and a nation. Teachers are the soul engineers of human beings. They teach and educate people, serve as role models, carefully organize teaching, actively participate in educational reform, and continuously improve the quality of education. In recent years, the state has attached great importance to investment in education, especially in terms of teachers’ salaries. The treatment of front-line teachers is constantly improving, and I believe that the future prospects will be even better. Must have deep professional knowledge and be able to demonstrate their individuality in the classroom.

Eighth: Freelancers.

Since the reform and opening up, freelancing has gradually emerged and gradually developed. Most of these people have their own independent thoughts and want to get rid of their shackles. They used to be freelancers. They all belong to a certain company or unit. Few people can escape from the “organization.” The restrictions of clear rules and regulations are subject to supervision and interference from all aspects. But now, more and more freelance jobs are spewing out, especially in the economic and cultural fields, not only high income but also relatively free time.

Seventh: Bank clerks. For example, when I was young, I was very envious of the bank’s work, which is not only stable but also decent. Of course, most of them are girls, and most of them are tellers at the counter. Of course, the pressure on the bank is also relatively large, because one carelessness may cause huge losses. The treatment of state-owned banks is good, and girls can think about it.

Sixth: Tencent, Ali and other big companies. Tencent and Ali can be said to be the two giants of China’s Internet companies. As high-tech companies, not only are they rich in assets, but their employee benefits are also relatively good, but their requirements for talents are also very high. If your education is very good , be sure to think about it.

Fifth: state-owned enterprises.

State-owned enterprises should be the dream of countless fresh graduates. State-owned enterprises such as State Grid Corporation of China and State Tobacco are treated very well, but their requirements for academic qualifications and majors are relatively high.

Fourth: Programmers.

Today, programmers have become the representative of high salaries, such as big data engineers and back-end development engineers and mobile development engineers are the top three professional salary list. Of course, advantage is king, and doing what you are good at is more important than doing what makes money.

Third: college teachers. College teachers are indeed a lot easier, and the benefits are also very good, but they also have great requirements for academic qualifications.

Second: the doctor. The profession of a doctor is very noble, and it is also a well-established job. The treatment is not bad, and it is also very respected.

First: students. When you are in school, you don’t know your happiness, you only know it when you leave school. The student era is the best era, cherish the student time, study cultural knowledge hard, in the future, you will see the best hello me!

During the graduation season, many students are confused about employment and do not know what kind of job they should look for. How to find a job that suits you?

The first is to understand your major, and the second is to assess the situation. The career development is very fast. Many industries are like a flash in the pan. It is recommended that students choose industries that can continue to develop.

Under such a general trend, the old way of sitting on the mountain is no longer feasible, and many state-owned enterprises and institutions will also lay off staff, so it is very important to have your own exclusive skills.

It is recommended that students choose small companies to practice first. After having mature work experience, whether it is promotion or job-hopping, the future prospects will be better. And like the recent rise of the Internet industry, a large number of IT talents are needed, and you can choose what you like and suitable for.



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