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Top 5 Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2022 

As the epidemic situation is improving day by day, Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) and Vancouver Children’s Fashion Week (VFKW) will return to offline in October 2021 after a lapse of two years! VFW has invited dozens of local and international Vancouver designers to showcase their work in Vancouver this season. In addition to numerous media and buyers, the front-row audience also includes this year’s hottest Tiktok fashion influencer, Tika the Iggy. Since its inception in 2001, VFW has been dedicated to empowering emerging and established designers with a global perspective and diversity. As a leader in advocating fashion diversity, VFW has been named the second largest fashion week in North America and one of the fastest growing fashion weeks in the world.

Vancouver Fashion Week’s top 5 fashion trends for Spring/Summer 2022 (center) reflect the cultural shift felt during this time. People have become more sensitive because of the epidemic, whether it is their home culture or the earth.

Tribute to hometown culture

In this special era, the unity of people makes us cherish our hometown even more. Nordic products Aranka Jacoba Scheeper’s SS22 series pays tribute to the Danish army in his hometown responsible for controlling the epidemic on this theme. The loose fit of this series is inspired by the home clothes worn when the epidemic cannot leave the house. By hand-painting sustainably sourced fabrics, it creates a unique style with the shadow of tooling and gender fluidity.

The modern Indian women’s clothing brand ANK by Amrit Kaur chooses to use the traditional Indian fabrics of the hometown as the main point, combined with modern tailoring, which reflects the laziness and adds a touch of style.

Canadian designer brand Maison du Mardi has opted to celebrate local culture in a more explicit way with its S22 fashion and casual collection called Canadiana. Everything from the colors to the prints was carefully chosen to highlight Canadian elements: white for the snow in Canada, gold for the grasslands, and black for the night sky.

Finally, the German brand CO-DE is mainly inspired by the tranquil forests of Germany, with a collection that showcases tank tops, dresses, buttons and jumpsuits in the colors of nature. CO-DE designers regard clothing design as a kind of artistic creation, and integrate the natural scene of German forests into clothing tailoring with a unique creative angle.

green fashion

Environmental protection is one of the big topics this year, and the relationship between fashion and environmental protection has also become a new direction for many designers to challenge. Among them, there are two brands Gebei He and Tarma Kate that follow slow fashion.

Gebei He presents an ultra-simple collection of casual menswear. From button-down shirts and shorts to trousers and jumpsuits, everything is based on timeless shades and natural tones for a fresh spring/summer vibe.



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