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What is the best way to learn Chinese? 2022

What is the best way to learn Chinese?

How to learn Mandarin quickly?

Many Mandarin Chinese learners have tried various methods to learn the language with poor results.

Unlike other Roman languages, Mandarin seems to be one of the hardest languages ​​in the world to learn.

Is there a secret to mastering the language in a short period of time?
I started playing EVE Online and I don’t know much about it. How should I study? What’s the best way to spin bowl legs?

What’s the secret to learning quickly and efficiently? Whether it is a new technology or a new physical concept, what questions must be asked to quickly grasp the material?

We found tips for teaching English at Chao Magic English’s China Online.

We apply the same method to teaching Chinese online and it works great.

What is the secret?

this is very simple.

Make China your way of life!

We use Chinese, not learn Chinese.

And use it every day, say, 365 days a year.

Success comes from your long-term commitment.

But what’s the magic that you can keep using this language?

Chao Mandarin: The Best Way to Learn Chinese

We found that magic suitable for Mandarin learning is a second language in many real case studies.

You will only spend your time learning Chinese when you find it fun.

The core value of Chao Magic Chinese is 6 ways to learn real Mandarin

The methods are easy to understand and you can use it on your first day.

1. Listen to the best selection of Mandarin stories and songs

2. Recite, recite and repeat

3. Write a Daily Journal

4. Role Play: Practical Mandarin Practice

5. Enhance your Chinese search skills

6. Talk to the Chinese

The best way to learn Chinese, promised to provide illustrated pictures for this article: The Best Way to Learn Chinese, and here are her notes.

Make a plan before you start

Design your own study plan and study style according to your actual needs.

Do you only need Mandarin speaking skills? How much time do you spend studying Mandarin every day? What are the possible scenarios where you can use Mandarin Chinese? How to choose Mandarin resources?

You must choose:
what are you familiar with
What experience do you have.
what are you interested in
Content related to your work programme.

they should be suitable for your current level. The best material in the world. Work hard for your Mandarin study.

What is more important? Characters and Sentences

We never encourage you to memorize every Chinese character. But we encourage you to memorize, recite and repeat useful sentences. Basic Chinese characters are very useful. However, wasting time, or even worse, is detrimental to memorizing every hanzi.
OK, now let me explain the real magic behind it.

Super Chinese Magic 1: Listen to the best selection of Mandarin stories and songs

We all love stories and songs. They are great for entertaining. They are also a great tool for learning Mandarin.

You can learn real-life Mandarin conversations and expressions through regular listening practice.

If you do it right, it will save you a lot of time.

With 10 minutes of proper listening, you can get better results than 2 hours of movie time.

The key is to find quality materials that fit your current level.

Super Chinese Magic 2: Recite, Recite and Repeat

Most Chinese learners of Mandarin are afraid to open their mouths.

Even though they have learned a lot by reading and listening, they don’t know what to say.

Silence is the enemy of language learning.

Many people are not confident enough to use what they have learned.

Here’s another magic:

You should recite, recite and repeat.

Many people can easily remember the lyrics of foreign songs, even if they don’t know the real meaning.

Mandarin students are encouraged to recite some good texts and memorize them.

Retell: In your own words, you can retell the same story in different ways. In this way, we will see what you know about the story.

Repetition: Repetition is the secret to long-term memory.

Super Chinese Magic 3: Writing Daily*

Writing a daily newspaper can be a challenge for Mandarin learners.

It sounds crazy because learning Chinese seems to be difficult, especially for beginners.

However, this is what Chao believes is the most effective method in Chinese language learning.

Writing daily journals in Chinese can help you organize what you’ve learned.

We speak as much Chinese as possible.

You can use what you hear and what you read.

You can rewrite them.

Make it a habit to write daily journals every day.

Super Chinese Magic 4: Role Playing: Practical Mandarin Practice*

As a serious Mandarin Chinese learner, you have started listening to stories, retelling them, and writing diaries every day.

What’s the next magic?

List all common scenarios where you might use Mandarin Chinese.

Then, be the person in your scene and do cosplay!

Rewrite the story and use a different words.

Introduce yourself during the interview.

Is the host of the dinner.

Tell a story on stage.

Because that’s why you want to learn Chinese.

You want to use real Mandarin in your life or work.

Many foreigners have been living in China for several years, but most foreigners can only speak some everyday social phrases such as “Hello”, “Hello”, “Thank you!” (Thank you, thank you!) for a long time Learn Mandarin.

What’s the question?

Because many people have never used Chinese in real life.

Super Chinese Magic 5: Enhance Your Chinese Searching Skills

You are not learning a new language, you are learning a new culture.

Take advantage of Chinese resources to find what you need.

Learn about the differences between Chinese culture and Western culture.

Validate your expressions with search results, it’s fast and efficient.

Make sure you can survive in a Chinese locale.

If not, find out why.

Super Chinese Magic 6: Talking to the Chinese

If you don’t communicate, language is useless.

Create opportunities to talk to Chinese people. Find a language exchange.
Some possibly better approaches are
Participate in Chinese social network: Weibo. Participate in Chinese instant messaging tools: QQ and WeChat
Participate in Chinese Q&A platforms: Baidu Knows, etc.
Participate in Chinee forums and communities.

Learn Mandarin courses online.

Find a 1on1 Mandarin coach online.

Talk to Chinese people you know.

Beginners: How to learn Mandarin from scratch?

For new Mandarin Chinese learners.

You can make significant progress in learning Mandarin by applying the magic method above.

A solid foundation should be built with some Mandarin learning tools

essential elements

Pinyin System: Helps you with pronunciation, especially tone.

Basic Chinese characters. Step by step, you can start with very basic Chinese characters. With stroke strokes, you will learn how to write Chinese the right way.

Immersive Learning: Building Your Own Mandarin Environment

The best way to learn Chinese is to use it as much as possible.

Mandarin as a way of life.

Find your own way to build a Mandarin Chinese environment and immerse yourself in it.

Use your Mandarin every day.

Apply Chao English Magic in your daily life.

How long does it take to learn Chinese fluently?

It really depends on your daily input.

If you follow the right study schedule, dedicate at least 30 minutes a day.

You will find it very easy to use the language and master it in a very short period of time, say a few months.

DIY or find a coach?

Is DIY possible?

You can follow the study plan and apply Chao Chinese Magic to build your Mandarin Chinese environment.

There is a more efficient way.

Finding a coach in Chao Magic is a very effective way to make your learning more effective and faster.

Chao Mandarin: 1on1 Online Mandarin Coach

A study plan tailored to each student.

Assignments and lessons are tailored to each student.

365 days 1on1 coaching: Experienced Mandarin coaches are available every day.

Study plan: Customize the study plan for each student according to the actual situation.

Mini Courses: Online courses customized for students.

Assignments: Tailored assignments, training and assignments.

Q&A: Questions and Difficulties about Mandarin Learning.

Weekly Progress Report: Track your progress every day.

Weekly Review: A comprehensive review of progress.

Listening: Dictation is the most effective method. We select appropriate audio and video materials for our students.

Say: Recite the story, and retell the story.

Writing: Rewriting stories, writing dailies.

Business Mandarin Practice: Improvements in search skills, email writing, self-introduction, proposal writing, presentations, meetings and research writing.

Online courses

The Best Way to Learn Mandarin Chao Mandarin

Make China your way of life!

Awesome! You decide to accept Mandarin! I hope my experience helps you and others who happen to be reading this. Before you go on, I just want to say, do your best and don’t give up, it’s all worth it!

Flash Cards – not just a flash card, but also handcrafted! When you do this, when you have a question about the sentence you are studying, you can take a step-by-step look at what you don’t understand and then write down the translation. In person; when I make flashcards; what I do is:

1. Write the characters on the front / If you are dedicated, you can even put the simplified and traditional versions there, but you can choose one or the other.

2. Write pinyin with symbols, if your handwriting is garbage like mine, you can also do it with numbers (eg: ni3 zui4jin4 hao3 ma5?) so you don’t confuse yourself when you go back to something old.

3. Write down the “in your language” translation, eg: “How are you doing”.

4. Finally, put literal translations together so you know what’s really being said, so you get used to the grammar and how to think about “Chinese” (eg: “You’ve been fine lately [yes/no question particles; yes… ?]?).

5. If the sentence is a bit complicated, you can also give yourself some notes on the back for terms and phrases that don’t make sense that you haven’t read in a while.

I’m a bit over the top with flashcards and it takes a long time to make them; but I think it’s worth it, honestly! So when you learn something new through your textbook or friends, make a flashcard so you don’t forget. Group by chapter or “What I’ve Learned From Meme/Wardlaus” or whatever.

As I said before, you should generally do this while you are studying. Some might argue this, but it helps me, so maybe if you do, you’ll have an “OHHHH!” moment as you study. Literally translate! If you always translate in your own language, you won’t get the language flow. Instead, you’ll spend your first few months or year(s) learning to constantly translate everything and then rearrange everything! Save yourself from grief and do it all naturally from the start! Instead of learning “My name is Shiping” as “My name is Shiping Wang”. Think about it because it’s “I’m called Wang Shiping” – jiao4 is not a “name”, that’s ming2zi. Watch out for those things!

Get yourself some study materials! I use/I use ChineseSkill, HelloChinese and Pleco as my preferred dictionaries. I also have Samsung Chinese input method to type Chinese on my phone. For talking to people I use Hellotalk and I used to use Interpals, and for tutoring I use Italki, which I like because you can find tutors in China; you can find one for a price that works for you (ranging from $4-30+hours ) and study in your own time via Skype/WeChat/QQ/etc. Back in the day, I got my Chinese trainer DS (which is among other things a fun way to learn if you already own a DS/3DS/3DSXL. You can find software and tapes; such as Pimsluer (available for free from the library) Rent), Rocket Chinese and Rosetta Stone (of which I don’t recommend because of the price and what you get, but I got it at a discounted rate on my old job. Also the book Practice Perfect (its Spanish textbook is more human) Known) ), 500-character Mandarin – free online download and PDF (also contains audio but spelling errors, download version is fixed but no audio), provided by Taiwanese government. They also have 1000 Mandarin if you go to Huayuworld’s electronic Bookstore, they have a lot of textbooks that are getting more advanced. If you are not English our first language, they also have texts in Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc! And then there are FSI languages ​​– exempt from the US government….but It’s a bit old but still useful and well made, and integrates Chinese – which is very popular with universities. I would also like to mention that you should try to see if there is a Chinese school in your area that costs about the same or less Freshman year of college (my fee was $182 after all fees, including textbooks). You probably also don’t have that many students in your class. It’s also much better than trying to find an in-person tutor that can be expensive. And more Programs/books/software, now Chinese have a lot of stuff that I didn’t have before, when I first learned it! I just mentioned the ones I personally used! 🙂



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