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CSC: Chinese Government Scholarship 2022

CSC Scholarship 2022

It is a fully-funded scholarship for international students and is available for undergraduates, masters and PhDs. Study at more than 270 Chinese universities.

The CSC Scholarship, also known as the 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship, covers basic medical insurance, accommodation and a monthly allowance of up to 3,500 yuan. It aims to promote exchanges of education, education and politics, culture, trade, cooperation and mutual understanding between other countries and China. International students from countries around the world are eligible to apply.

The Chinese Government Scholarship Application is Completed Online After the CSC Portal Lake online submission is successful, the candidate should apply to the chosen university and send the required documents along with the CSC Scholarship Application Form to the university.

Read on to find out more about the CSC Scholarship 2022, its benefits and the step-by-step application process. But before that, here are 4 reasons why China is an ideal study abroad destination.

1. World-class education

In 2020, China hosted 377,054 international students and is becoming a destination for more and more foreign students. Courses are taught in English and they work with nearly 70 countries to ensure mutual recognition of degrees.

One of the factors now contributing to global economic growth is international students, and countries now understand the importance of allowing foreigners to study at their universities. China is making a big push for these opportunities, building close ties with American universities such as New York University and Stanford University. In 2014, the association gained national publicity and was the subject of a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Also, no matter where you decide to study in China, education in China is top-notch. The Chinese government actively participates in Chinese institutions that aim to create high-level education across the country.

2. Professional Opportunities

China surpassed Japan Recently to become the second largest economy in the world. This means that there are now more and more job opportunities for international students! However, working in a Chinese company requires you to master the language and have a basic understanding of its culture.

Working or working for a Chinese company gives you the opportunity to succeed in almost every major economy. As an international student, you can learn the language, familiarize yourself with Chinese culture, and understand the labor market. This will give you an edge when searching or competing for jobs.

3. living cost

In China, the daily cost of living is very cheap. You can usually commute back and forth on public transport for less than 50 cents and buy a large meal for around £2-3. This is much cheaper compared to the US, UK and Japan. A Chinese study visa costs £75, which is much cheaper than the visa required to enter the UK.

Rents are probably the most expensive in Europe, but also very cheap. In Beijing, the average cost of a dormitory is £112 a month.

4. Unparalleled experience

With a history of more than 4,000 years, China is an innovator in almost all disciplines, including martial arts, philosophy, business, astronomy, and mathematics, while making great contributions to the study of literature, religion, art, and more. Although it may be difficult to adapt to Chinese culture at the beginning as an international student, it is still very rewarding to experience such a rich and developed culture.

China is also one of the most populous and most populous countries in the world. The geography varies from the Gobi Desert in the north to the Himalayas in the southwest. On the east coast, depending on your location, you can see mountains or beaches. Exploring and traveling around China is very possible and affordable thanks to the trains connecting major cities.

Eligibility Requirements for CSC Scholarship 2022

Below are the minimum eligibility requirements for the Chinese Government Scholarship:

International students (non-Chinese citizens)

Must not hold other scholarships awarded by the Chinese government or any of its delegations.

Minimum age requirement:

Undergraduate students all must be under the age of 25,

The age limit for obtaining a master’s degree is 35

For PhD degrees, the age limit is 40

Minimum qualifications:

Undergraduate high school certificate or equivalent,

Bachelor’s degree

A master’s degree is a doctorate.

CSC Scholarship 2022 Benefits

Chinese government scholarship recipients will receive the following benefits:

Type A CSC scholarships include registration fees, basic medical insurance, accommodation (in university dorms, mostly sharing a room with others) and a monthly allowance for personal expenses ($2,500 to $3,500 per month, approximately $350 and $500, respectively).

Type B CSC scholarship covers the same as the Type A scholarship, Except for the monthly allowance for personal expenses.

The Type C CSC Scholarship is another partial scholarship. It brings few benefits.

Category A CSC scholarships are more attractive and competitive due to the high demand. It is easier to get a B or C CSC scholarship if you can afford the cost of living.

How to Apply for CSC Scholarship 2022?

Below is the application process to help you apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship:

Application Period: The CSC Scholarship application period is from September to September each year. Some accredited universities or institutions have different deadlines. Make sure you should check the deadlines for your chosen university.

Applications for CSC Scholarships must first be completed online (in English or Chinese) with a CSC Portal account.

At the beginning of the online application form, you will be asked to select the number of authorised institutions or universities (codes you can find on the internet or from the universities of your choice) and the type of scholarship to its funding (A, B or C).

After completing all the information in the Chinese Government Scholarship Online Application, be sure to attach the required documents in PDF format.

After submitting the online Chinese Government Scholarship application, download the application.

Select Chinese universities and courses here.

Check if the Chinese university you are applying to requires an online application as well as a Chinese government scholarship application.

If you need to apply online, please submit your application on the university website with your Chinese Government Scholarship application.

Make 2 sets of documents (list given below) and send them to the university address.

Results will be published on the same page of the application from mid-March. After that, successful applicants will start mailing the required documents. This is done in order to process the study visa in the candidate’s country of origin.

Required Documents for CSC Scholarship 2022

Completed application form: you will find it after registering on the official Chinese Government Scholarship website.

(1) Notary public attesting highest education and transcript.

(2) Official Medical Examination Form or Foreigner Physical Examination Form.

(3) CV in English and Chinese.

(4) Recommendation letters, preferably 2, written in English or Chinese, from a professor at your last university.

(5) TOEFL or IELTS diploma: If you are not a native of English-speaking countries and want to study in English.

(6) Study plan/research plan.

(7) Copy of passport.

(8) Applicants of HSK Diploma (Chinese Proficiency) are not required.

(9) An admission letter from a professor of a Chinese university that wants to be admitted is another important but not necessary requirement.

(10) Pre-admission letter is another important but not essential requirement.

(11) Other documents: If there are other specialties or research papers, they must be attached.

(12) If any specific Chinese university requires application processing fee or application screening, you must submit it. Print the receipt and attach it to your two sets of documents.



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