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Yoga benefits and basic movements

Yoga  has set off an upsurge in celebrity star circles in recent years. Many beautiful celebrities upload photos of practicing yoga, beautiful sultry sweat beads and various difficult yoga asanas. Practicing yoga can not only keep the body and mind calm, but also promote the health of the body and mind.

What exactly is yoga? What are the benefits of practicing yoga? What are the common movements suitable for beginners? Where are there professional yoga classes in Hong Kong, how much are the course fees, and where can I try them out? Let us now discuss the charm of yoga and the magical benefits it brings to the body!

What is yoga?

Yoga originated from ancient Indian culture, and its meaning is “unity” and “combination”. Modern yoga is a kind of exercise or method of self-cultivation and nourishment, which helps us to achieve harmony and unity of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga can help improve people’s mental, physical and spiritual abilities, and it is helpful to the improvement and integration of body and mind.

Yoga has undergone many changes and reforms and developed into a modern yoga system. Some yoga masters believe that through specific exercise and regular breathing control, it helps to maintain a healthy body. Today, yoga has become a popular physical and mental exercise sport for modern people. Yoga is highly praised because of its physical health benefits and psychological help to reduce stress.

Nowadays, yoga has also derived various branches of yoga, such as: Aerial Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. Yoga moves include elements such as stretching and strength training. Through practicing yoga, we perceive the philosophy of life and the wonderful changes in life.

The benefits of yoga

The benefit of practicing yoga is to enhance the integration and unity of people’s mind, body, and spirit, and to shape a better body shape, help release stress, relieve tension, help blood circulation, and make the body healthier. In addition, yoga can also help strengthen muscle capacity and concentration, improve body flexibility, strengthen memory, improve poor posture, and lower blood pressure. Yoga also helps to relieve and prevent: arthritis, depression, osteoporosis, backaches, headaches and other diseases. Therefore, practicing yoga can bring many benefits to the body. The following are the 5 major benefits of yoga:

Build a better body shape

Some specific yoga movements can help relax muscles, improve the curve of the chest, make the waist softer, and make the shape of the buttocks look better. Advanced yoga has the effect of general aerobic exercise and helps eliminate excess fat.

Promote blood circulation

Practicing yoga needs to coordinate with different postures and breathing adjustments, relax muscles, stretch muscles, joints become flexible, and help promote blood circulation.

Beautiful skin to keep youth

Yoga helps the body’s meridians to flow smoothly, activates organ functions, and promotes cells to stay young and active; it can also keep people in a state of peace and joy.

Relieve stress and relieve tension

People who are under high pressure and are in a state of mental tension for a long time often feel tired and tired, or people who stand or sit incorrectly will cause abnormal breathing and fatigue easily. The breathing method of yoga helps us to adjust our autonomic nerves, eliminate the body’s empty fire and exhaust gas, relieve tension and physical fatigue, and ease tension.

Helps detoxify

Some advanced yoga classes have the effect of general aerobic exercise. After practicing yoga, it makes people sweat. Sweat helps to eliminate toxins from the body, and waste is excreted from the body through sweat glands. In addition, some bending or twisting yoga poses can stimulate some organs of the body and help the body detoxify.

Can yoga lose weight?

Yoga does have some calorie-consuming effects, but the main role of yoga is not to lose weight, but to enhance the beauty of the body, relax the muscles, strengthen the core muscles, and help relax and unify the mind, body and spirit. In the United States, there are some professors and researchers. It is believed that yoga has some weight loss effects.

Beth A. Lewis, an associate professor at the School of Kinesiology, University of Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, believes that yoga can indeed help lose weight.


Regular yoga exercises can affect weight loss. Generally, when a person’s calorie intake (that is, food and drink consumption) is lower than their calorie consumption, it will have a weight loss effect. Most people need to change their Energy intake and energy expenditure to lose weight. Many yoga exercises consume fewer calories than traditional exercises (eg, jogging, brisk walking); however, yoga can increase a person’s mindfulness and connection with the body. Therefore, individuals will be more aware that they are What to eat and make better food choices. Individuals may avoid foods that make them feel dull and drowsy (most processed foods). Instead, individuals will look for healthier foods, which may then lead to weight loss. In addition, Many people eat more when they feel stressed. Yoga can help fight stress, which can affect a person’s energy intake.




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